The Cardinal Obligations Continued

Continuing from my last blog, the fourth Cardinal Relation is that between husband and wife. They are to unite their hearts as one forever, cooperate to build a life together, and respect each other so much that at every meal they “raise their trays up to the eyebrows to salute each other before eating.”

The fifth Cardinal Relation is that between friends. They are obliged to help each other, to encourage each other to do right, and to dissuade each other from doing wrong. There is no truer friend than one who will frankly tell you when you are making a mistake.

Of course, I think it is necessary to add a sixth Cardinal Relation: that between buyer and seller. The buyer is obliged to pay on time and in the amounts promised for the good or service bought. He’s also obliged to make clear what he wants and expects. The seller is obliged to deliver the good or service on time and in the amounts and quality promised. This Cardinal Relation includes the relationship between employer and employee; the employer is the buyer and the employee is the seller. When it comes to the teacher and the student (or parent), the student (or parent) is the buyer and the teacher the seller.

Feng Xin-ming

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