Why Honesty Leads to Success and Happiness in Life - 1

edited Nov. 22, 2007

(”Whenever one speaks, trustworthiness(xin )comes first; lying and pretending to know, how can one do such things? 凡出言,信為先;詐與妄,奚可焉。” Di Zi Gui, p.20 )

Why should one be honest? Well, it’s because honesty leads to success and happiness. Huh? Someone asks. Isn’t it by being “tricky” (古惑) that one gets what one wants? Aiya! No, no, of course not!

Yes, the worldview that the world is all about tricking others, a variant of the dog-eat-dog worldview, leads to nothing but failure and unhappiness in life.

Being tricky and using deceit is OK for temporary gain only, and in the long haul the more you trick and take advantage of people, the fewer friends you make, and therefore eventually you will end up being unsuccessful, friendless and miserable.

True, among people who believe in this worldview of deceit, those who actually go out and lie and cheat are only a minority. Even for the majority, however, even for who refrain from trickery and cheating, this worldview is no less harmful.

Such people, who often, sadly, consider themselves more honest than most, are frequently bitter and complain that the reason they are not successful in life despite their ability (technical ability, that is, not moral ability) is that they are too honest and not tricky enough. Sigh! They do not realize that the very reason they are not as successful as their ability warrants is precisely because they have not been honest enough. For one thing, with such a worldview these people are never completely up front with others. Thus when others are able to help say, advance a career to a level more commensurate with the ability, they are never given the chance because people with such a worldview are ever so coy about their situation. Also, people with such a worldview are forever suspicious of others when they try to help, and so when others try to help they are eventually forced to give up in frustration. Yes, repeat that time and time again, throughout life, and one naturally ends up being unsuccessful, or at least not as successful as one’s ability warrants.

Feng Xin-ming

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