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Earthquake victims

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

With a heavy heart we think of the victims of the earthquake in China: the dead, the missing, the homeless, the dispossessed, and their families. Likewise we mourn the victims of the cyclone in Myanmar. These are sad, sad tragedies. So many lives, wiped out or severely damaged. No one who is associated with Asia could be untouched by these calamities.

In fact, the whole world is touched, and moved. I was in Paris recently, and when I told the cab driver, who was originally from Mali in Africa, that I was Chinese he said, “Ah, yes, the great earthquake – so sad!” When I went to visit the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as a tourist the priests at Mass were praying for the victims of the earthquake in China. Great indeed is the feeling of brotherhood among people all over the world!

Di Zi Gui tells us that “We must love all who are human: we are covered by the same sky and borne by the same earth.” In this admonition to universal love and charity traditional Chinese culture is no different from traditional Western culture, where the admonition is to love all humans because they are all children of God.

May the earthquake victims be comforted; may they know that the whole world thinks of them.

Feng Xin-ming

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